This is an alpha build. This build will be available for free on as a demo, but further features will be released in the full version. New features available in the full version:

  • Bigger, better and more complex levels.
  • New bosses to test yourself against.
  • New aliens to destroy.
  • New tanks to defend the earth.
  • Graphics, audio and general improvements



Tiny Tank the experimental automaton developed to defend the earth from extraterrestrial threats has once again been called to defend the earth in our darkest hour.

In Tiny Tank your health and score are one and the same. 

This core mechanic provides opportunity for much of the games dual purpose design.

Killing enemies in Tiny Tank will provide the player with score. Score is tied to health; so health is increased which provides the player with security. Score is also the main measurement by which your run is measured and affects your high score. Killing enemies also provides the player with a combo multiplier. Finally, more score unlocks additional abilities for the player to use to kill enemies.

Almost all the mechanics in the game implement some form of dual purpose design as well. Take for example something as simple as taking damage from enemies. This resets the players combo multiplier as well as decreases their health and therefore their score. This small interconnected-ness gives a layer of depth all of its related mechanics.

New Mechanics Are Unlocked At Every 100 Points


  • Move: 'A' and 'D'
  • Jump: 'Space Bar'
  • Fire: 'LMB'
  • Alternate Fire: 'RMB'


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